Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Hannah is a great problem solver! She's knowledgeable and compassionate and was able to decrease my back pain from a 9 to barely a 1! It's well worth my 2-hour drive from Avon to be adjusted by Dr. Hannah!"

- Christine

"Dr. Hannah was known at her College for being dedicated to the Gonstead System and showed that she is talented and confident in seeing any case! I would always recommend her and would trust her with my own spine!"

- Julian B.

"Dr. Hannah is so skilled and instantly made a difference in my necks mobility and range of motion. She truly cares about your concerns and addresses each one of them. Thank you!"

- Daphne K.

"Dr. Hannah is committed to working with her patients to allow each person to meet their health goals. She always listens, and takes her time to check my spine. Her adjustments are gentle and her care has helped me so much. She is clearly passionate about her profession and helping people."

- Angel B.



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